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India's Largest Bearing Supplier & Exporter

Up to 10,000+ Parts

9+ Leading Brands

Bearing Available

Available in 57 Countries

10+ Market


What We Offer

As manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide industrial bearing solutions for the entire process.

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Why Choose International Bearing

Cutting Edge Bearings

Bearing allows for accurate positioning and copying of existing edge.


We proudly service a variety of markets, including OEM, service, energy, oils & gas, and other industrial markets.

Durable, High Quality Materials

Our top quality material and advance equipment can make sure the quality of the bearings.


Experienced Advisor Service

With our leadership team’s collective 25+ years of experience, we can surely provide you with any of your bearing product needs.

We Keep Top Notch Products


It is a pleasure to deal with International Bearing. We are able to access the top management and they are personally involved and committed in executing the orders. They are well supported by their sales and technical staff. It is a well-oiled team right down the line. That's what makes International Bearing No. 1

Mr. Patel

General Manager, Ahmedabad

Let us express our thanks and appreciation for the timely delivery and many solutions put forth by International Bearing connection with bearing supply. They are responsive, responsible & attentive. We will continue to use trusted services because of their professionalism & ability to do a great amount of work.

Mr. Agrawal

Vice President,

Navi Mumbai

A few years ago we headed towards the Indian markets. We looked for a professional partner who would understand our products, which are highly sophisticated slewing rings, and who understands the market. We selected International bearings - and that has been the right decision

Mr. Daniel

Asia Head,




  • How do I choose the right bearing?
    One must, before selecting bearings, know or define the requirements profile of the application. Space, bearing arrangement, speed, loads, required stiffness, lubrication, etc. are parameters which must be considered. You can make your choices based on bearing data. You can also contact our technical applications consultants.
  • How can I ensure I select the right bearing for my application?
    International Bearing Industries strongly suggests that you contact one of our bearing application engineers at the time you select your design specifications. We offer an experienced sales and engineering staff to help in the design and selection process, maximizing performance, and ensuring your success.
  • What a bearing grease is the "best?""
    The answer is, "it really depends." The selection of the best bearing lubricant (whether grease or oil) will depend on the application conditions. With a wide variety of greases and oils available, solutions are available for most applications; however, there is no perfect grease whether natural, synthetic, micro-filtered or otherwise. Every grease has strengths and weaknesses in its performance and consequential monetary costs. For example, high temperature greases typically can't handle high loads very well. "Quiet" greases may break down at high temperatures. Additives have benefits but some drawbacks too. So there is no single best grease for bearings; it really comes down to the application and what characteristics are most important (and which are less).
  • How fast can a bearing rotate?
    We offers bearings that are capable of rotation in excess of 500,000 RPM. These are typically used in experimental and defense applications. However, the speed capability of a bearing will depend on its size, the type and amount of lubrication used, the bearing and cage materials, precision levels and tolerances, and for how long the the maximum speed is required (among other factors). Contact us regarding your bearing speed requirements. We will provide you “value beyond the part.”
  • Did we miss something?
    If you have another answer for us, just let us know and we will do our best to provide you a prompt and accurate answer.
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